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Mama Winchester

A community for Supernatural's Mary Winchester

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Mary Winchester -- kept journals, believed in angels, stole John Winchester's heart, mother to Dean and Sam. One of the victims of the Yellow Eyed Demon's quest for a psychic army. Stayed behind on Earth after she died, presumably even after being told by her Reaper about what happens to spirits who can't bear to let go of the people they love. Destroyed herself to save her children.

The void where she should be and isn't is the driving force behind the demon-hunting adventures and journeys of the Winchester family, but what about the woman herself?

You can post fiction, art, meta, screencaptures, links, and anything else somehow connected to the character of Mary Winchester. Content related to the prequel comic book series Supernatural: Origins, and other roles played by actress Samantha Smith, are also accepted. If you can reasonably justify why you posted something here, you can post it here.